Salamander PVC Profile

Salamander is one of the leading producers of profile plastic systems for windows, doors. The products represent more than 30 years of experience in the technology for processing of plastics. A guaranty for the quality and the authenticity of the German Know – how is the fact, that Salamander manufactures its own production in Germany, town of Turkheim (near Munich). The company Salamander Industrie Produkte GmbH has been established in the remote 1885 under the name “Jacob Siegle, manufacturing and storehouse, all types of shoe articles” in Kornwestheim (near Stuttgart). In 1913 „Jacob Siegle and co” is the biggest German shoe factory, renamed to Salamander. In 1960 the activity in the field of PVC equipment has been started. In 1973 a production and distribution of PVC profiles for windows and doors has been started. In 1997 the first sales in Bulgaria of profile system Universal have been made. PVC windows with profiles of Salamander offer all advantages, which you could expect nowadays from a window.
Excellent heat insulation from К 1,7W/m2 to К1,0W/m2

The coefficient of heat transition determines the ability of the joinery to transmit heat or the amount of the thermal losses – something, on which to a big extent our bills for heating are dependable. The lesser this coefficient is, the lesser shall be our losses of heat through the window.
Sound insulation

Excellent sound insulation, which could be made better also with the investment in a sound insulating multiple glazing- by two glasses with different thicknesses or multiple glazing with the one glass of triplex. With this combination in your home the noise of the city shall not enter, at least if you do invite it. Resistance to atmospheric influences. The Salamander profiles have proven their stability with their long-year experience. The profiles are light resistant and extremely stable to weather influences with a brilliant white colour, with smooth and shining surface.
Protection option

The casing allows additional protection from burglary actions – antiburglary casing. These are additional buds of locking, which do not permit the burglars to open the windows and to penetrate your home. It is recommended for last and ground floors.